Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hey, can we teach birth control yet?

I live in the Bible belt, with a strong Catholic leaning. I am consistently amazed that these kids don't get birth control instruction in school, for whatever reason. The kids won't 'learn' about sex and sin, they are already little bunnies, so I think they've figured it out. I think it's a bigger sin to let these kids reproduce.

I'm truly pissed off about this. This week, our glorious state has had TWO significant child abuse arrests-one for the 17 year old who beat his little girl senseless and bit the crap out of her-

Here's a link to the rest of that story.

Then there's the genius boy in Galveston who shoved his baby in the microwave-

No significant knitting to talk about. I have both Wren sleeves done, I just need to do the fronts now. Highland Silk knits more quickly on aluminums than Balenes.


Karin said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with no significant knitting. I'm getting bogged down with all the other stuff - job, kids, blech!
I'm with you on the birth control - how is it that we can't breed that particular stupid gene out of the population? I can rant on this for hours, deliberate stupidity makes me froth at the mouth. Maybe I better go and knit - calm down a little :)...

Gryffinitter said...

What is wrong with a society which makes "I was stressed" an excuse for anything - and clearly, he felt that he was justified in what he did.

This goes beyond needing birth control - kids who are treated like this were not necessarily unwanted. It goes to the heart of what people are and how they treat each other. What is wrong with him that he behaved this way? What is wrong with his woman that she wants someone like this?

Not that I am against sex ed. I am not. I do know, however, that education is only the beginning, having had many students who knew exactly how you made babies and caught AIDS and for whom this knowledge appeared useless.

smariek said...

I don't know what to say (trying not to go into a prolix rant here) ... except that stupidity is not limited to your neck of the woods. It's flourishing in California too...