Sunday, May 13, 2007

The shopping service

Happy Mother's Day and all.

We got a call late Friday night. It was my niece, and she was hyperventilating. "Hold on," DH said, "I'll let you talk to my personal shopper." He passed the phone to me. "Congratulations, honey, did I pick the right one?" "YES! I love it!" That is quite a response from someone as sedate as she is. Yay, Lisa, for finishing your degree. We are very proud of you, and I am glad that our gift has you in a tizzy. I am still waiting to hear what Miss DHBFFDD thinks of her gift.

A few weeks back, I ordered my DMIL one of these. She wants a long skirt. When I opened it up, and shook out the wrinkles, DH said "Honey, you usually have it right on, but that looks like something for Kim Jong-Il." Niiiccceeee. It looked too big for her.

Yesterday, he looked at me and said "You know, Mom and Aunt Jeanette are coming tomorrow. Do you think..." and I said "Yes honey, I think I oughta go buy Aunt Jeanette some Burt's Bees, because she's allergic to so many things."

So I ran out to Beall's and bought Mom another gift (just in case) that I am sure she will like, and a top and bracelet for Aunt Jeanette.

DD should have received a nice cool summer bracelet that's easy to wear...I mailed it for her earlier in the week. She's like me, she needs jewelry she doesn't have to mess with.

I mailed floral sprays to my brother yesterday. I've been making them for almost seven years now; it has somehow become my job to provide my family little silk arrangements for my mom (and now my dad). In Arizona, the weather is so arid that real flowers are a total waste of time. We have a tradition that we started the week my mom died. When we swap out flowers, the old arrangement goes to someone else in the line....not everyone out there gets a visit. Last Christmas, my mother had a Christmas tree. We don't know where it came from, but I am sure it has to do with our habit.

The shopping service has to go clean house now....


Lisa W. said...

what a lovely and touching tradition you've all started. there's not nearly enough of that kind of thing around.

hey, i'd hire you for shopping service...i've been reading what you suggest for a while...things i'd never think of or go "huh" about but everyone else would go "spot on". so...there's this wedding gift I need to figure out for this hockey player couple....

happy mother's day bets!

junior_goddess said...

You know, my mother's family was SHOCKED that we did that, but in a desert landscape, the place looked vast and empty, with a bunch of bronze plaques on the ground. So I asked the nieces to do it. I didn't realize til last week that they ask that you only put one arrangement on each grave marker. We've decorated William and Ernest (the gentlemen on either side) quite often, I think.