Sunday, May 06, 2007

Honey, I had a coupon-

About three years ago, DH's BFF's (hee hee) son graduated from high school. Long before, DH promised a certain weapon (really expensive, and fired once or twice) to the boy. Everything was wonderful, UNTIL baby sister's graduation announcement arrived this week. DH almost wet his pants. He was SCARED. What to do? I consulted with her mama-a watch, jewelry or a bag would be just great. Two days later, niece's college announcement arrived. Uh-oh. After checking the price of jewelry (anyone notice how HIGH silver is these days? Sheesh!), off to the outlet mall I went.

The outlet mall is the number one tourist attraction in the State of Texas...more people visit there than Texas Stadium, the Alamo, or the Marfa lights. It's 90 miles from my house, but even I must do my part as a Texas resident. I also knew that whatever I spent, DH would spend double. I've SEEN how he shops; he grabs at eye-level and hightails it out. He knows that whatever the retail price, I NEVER EVER EVER pay it.

I usually find GREAT deals at the Dooney store. They always have really good prices, except when it's a week before Mother's Day, and you are desperate for a gift. They had a buy one, get one half off sale, but there were no good deals, no amazingly cute styles, nothing that grabbed me. They all LOOKED like Mother's Day gifts! I figured I'd mosey on down to the Coach outlet and see what I could get for the girls. I've never bought anything there in my life. As it turned out, Coach had a better assortment, and lower prices! I tried to find both girls bags trendy enough to suit their ages, but neutral enough to carry for three years-tricky business.

I stood in the store with purses draped over my arm, fishing for SIL's number, dialing dizzily. Black or brown? I bought niece the black one, DHBFFDD (how's that?) got a white one similar to the photo...but smaller. According to my receipt, I "saved" enough to buy a month's groceries, but it in no way even approached her brother's graduation gift.

It's hard to do this properly. I've never even met the kid, but I wanted to make this appear fair. So back to the Dooney store I went. I agonized for a while-I had to buy two bags to get the sale, right? (Sucker....) I finally decided on a bag in a denim blue with brown trim for me. I found a simple fabric tote for Brit, and I had a coupon too. The second bag cost me all of 25.00. NOW her gift looks like a WOW gift-I think she'll be over the moon.

In knitting news, I almost certainly will run short on Solista, so I have to hunt for two balls of silver tomorrow, or scrap it. On the Wren project, Laucurls finished hers and deserves kudos! (I can't find her post but will link it as soon as I find it.)


smariek said...

You got a Dooney bag for $25???? Wow, you really scored! I've gotta come shop with you... :-)

Actually I can't complain though. I do own one Dooney bag which I got for having slaved away for 5 years at my former place of employment. Never use it anymore though... it doesn't fit all of M's stuff.

smariek said...

What shawl is that in your sidebar? I didn't see it in the Elann patterns page.

junior_goddess said...

Marie, I averaged it out to 90.00 a bag. Considering what he gave BFF's DS, he got off cheap.

The shawl in the sidebar is my design. I was a runner up in last year's shawl contest. Essentially, I failed pattern writing. I was TICKLED that Margaux modeled it for a photo!

Suzann said...

I have a Coach bag. It was marked incorrectly at the Navy Exchange. hehehe. The price was corrected the next time I was there. Just about everyone who goes on a job interview takes my purse. :-}

I started the Mayfair, I don't think it is going to work for the sweater. Instead on nice color changes it is blocky chunks of color. sigh

junior_goddess said...

Keep going a little further on it Suzann, it might be cool!

I got a really good Hummel based on a pricing error. Love that!

Ciel said...

Good words.