Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Safe Sox

My knitterly bud Suzann just sent my other knitterly bud Benne a pair of sox. They are beautiful.

I, on the other hand, have a DH who comes home and tells me "I really like the socks you bought last week, can I have more?" I ordered multiples of the identical sock from Sierra Trading Post. Dull, safe sox.

My best brother just sent me a link for his holiday pictures. He was so excited to go to Kashgar. I was so excited to see pictures of Kashgar (think of the junction of China and Afghanistan). He felt very badly for this little girl, taking her lamb to market. No frolicking in meadows, nor the safety of a shearing to be later made into socks, this little lamb was going to be someone's dinner very soon. "Kowaii so, neh?" I asked, and he said she was kowaii so (poor pitiful thing) because she knew what would happen, but things must proceed as they should.

Must. Cast. On. Wren. Sleeves.


benne said...

Bets, you should be glad your DH is not like that whacko doctor, wanting to wear my socks! My gorgeous socks! My DH gets his socks at a big box store by the bag. Sure makes mating the socks after washing easier. ;-}

Oh, poor sad little girl. And poor little lamb. That had to be hard.

junior_goddess said...

I WISH my DH and his messed up feet wanted big box socks. No siree, Bob, he wants really expensive padded tennis socks that I have to dig for. Which is why I went to Sierra Trading Post.

I feel sorry for her, carrying her 'baby'.