Sunday, May 20, 2007

Heartbeat stuff

Hey Bets, This is quite overdue (apologies - its been a crazy week).

I would have posted to your blog but your original posting has scrolled off and half the fun is to share, right? So here goes: I did a little cut & paste of your blog comments and photos then printed it out and took it to work with me at LYS this last Wednesday evening - which is when Jill Vosburg (JOMR) teaches. She said you did a terrific job, particularly on the short-row modifications and said it looked really really nice. Yes, two reallys. Jill also commented that she loved to see how different people came up with their changes to the sweater. And then she asked to keep the little document I`d pasted together, so (were I in your shoes) I`d take to be high praise! Congrats on a terrific job on that sweater :-) --Melanie 5/20/2007

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