Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cause nothin' can stop the US Air Force...'cept that fugly new emblem

Marie must have noticed my military knitters ring button, because she was kind enough to tell me about these washrags-for the

Pretty cool, but I don't want an Air Force washrag. I don't think the 'new' Air Force emblem is pretty. I secretly think that the Air Force has no traditions because some yahoo with stars on his collar shakes everything up, just to get more stars on his collar, and a new appointment at the head of some firm upon retirement. Annoying.
In other news, after calling all over God's creation, I found additional silver and white Solista. Yay, no frogging! One place told me it was on sale-it was 8.00, now 6.00. If they had my color, I would have gladly paid. I finally found some at Herrschner's for 3.97. They had it hidden, I didn't JUST find it by typing in Solista. I had to hunt for it. More on that later.


Anonymous said...

It may not be pretty, but is it tough?? bri

junior_goddess said...

Wish I'd had the pattern a few weeks ago, tho. I could have REALLY been a smarty pants!