Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wren-along 07

As of today, our members include

They Blog--Lisa, Barbara (I think-Barbara, what's your new blog addy?), Jayne,

They Blog not--Bri, Benne, Nora

Plan to start later--Grace

Did I miss anyone ??? Speak up now.

I also got a message from anonymous

Hi there! How do I "join" the KAL? I started Wren last night - love the pattern.Question (I can't believe I'm already "stuck"). The first set of decreases on the back ribbing, any specific decrease? Thanks!

Anon-I would space the decreases evenly if I were you. And tell us who you are, please.

I'd like to show photo updates every Friday. If you could mail to Betsy at my work (Vallettakafe.com) that would be groovy. Do not use the info address shown on the link, use Betsy instead.



CatBookMom said...

Hey, Betsy! I will be starting late, since the yarn I'm planning to use won't be shipped for several days. But the time will give me a chance to finish up some nearly-FOs.

My new blog addy is http://catbookmomsyarns.blogspot.com

I hope you're feeling better

jayne said...

To anonymous' question: I just purled two together each time I needed to decrease (spaced evenly across row).

Les said...

I'm NOT in but was tantilized by this blog entry April 1.

Anonymous said...

If's Benne's Mother Hen, I think that makes you Mother Wren. ;-) Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Unless I make a radical decision to take a few mental health days between now and Friday, we will have no progress pic to show. Good intentions are hard to photograph! LOL


Erin said...

Hi there ~

I'm anonymous...thanks for the info. I placed the decreases evenly and it worked out well.

I don't have a blog, but please add me to the KAL.

~ Erin

LibbyKnitKins said...

Sorry Bets, but I gotta sit this one out. Still working on my flying geese!


CatBookMom said...

I got a notification today that my yarn shipped. It's a step.