Monday, April 02, 2007

Relax, Max

Your nerves are just like jumpin' jacks, Max.

I finally ran to the desktop and looked the song up when I heard the Doubletree ad yesterday morning. This song is older than I am, but it demonstrates all the thing I miss in music. I miss the brass section, I miss sassiness without sluttiness, and I miss raw recording. You can hear Dinah Washington smile when she sings. Here's a sample on Amazon.

I'm off to find a copy of this recording. Wallyworld offered only one DW track, and it wasn't this one.

This sounds like good music to Wren to.


jayne said...

I'm in for wren. Good choice, and snazzy button too. I have about four inches done on the back. Will blog progress tomorrow.

Les said...

Not familiar with the song, Bets so had to go have a listen. It immediately brought visions of you in a sparkly, silky red dress with an Elvira hem, your strapy stilleto sandals and your black eye patch, as a contestant (with Mark) in a ballroom dance competition.........

junior_goddess said...

Shh-Les, I used to work for a dance studio. Mark won't dance, says he can't. I know he's lying, because he used to be in band, and he swings his arms when he walks. I think he'd love it, because you can show off.

Les said...

I think I just lost my message!
anyway, I had no idea, Betsy twinkle toes. That's great! Loved that movie by the Aussies "Strictly Ballroom" Hope you've seen it - it's old. If not look for it!!
Mike doesn't dance much either. I'm "great" if I've had a few too many!