Thursday, April 05, 2007

End of Wren (week 1)

I've peeked around-Jayne and Trish are whizzing right thru the pattern. On the other hand, Barbara's yarn shipped today, which means I am somewhere in the middle. My original plan was to do one section each week, so I started on the back today. Barbara has plenty of time to catch ME! The Highland Silk is GREAT to knit with-and I see myself done with the back by Saturday afternoon. Send me photos, y'all!

You might wonder what's taking me so long...well, the eyepatch really does affect how long I want to sit and knit. And I've started the Swallowtail...the silent auction is two weeks from this weekend, so I gotta hit that pretty hard. It's in Austermann Pharao, and I have to say, I don't really care to knit this in laceweight cotton. I showed some of my colleagues my little bit, and the pattern, and they seemed to think it would sell well. I hope so.

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Suzann said...

I am waiting to buy the yarn. Blame the delay on Ann.
The shawl looks beautiful. I don't know how you can knit lace of all things with just one eye working. Wonderwoman. Pretty color too.