Monday, April 23, 2007

If charity begins at home-

don't you think I should just be charitable and STAY home for a while? We had the local "Taste of the County" fundraiser for the Chamber of Commerce today. Compared to Relay for Life, it was a piece of cake.

Valletta Kafe looked very professional and slick...but didn't have to work really hard. This year, just like last year, our competitor was there too. (Actually, since we've opened, three other coffee spots have opened-one has folded, but the new shop was there tonight.) We looked really good in comparison. We ignored the ease of dessert, and just made coffee, espresso, and lattes. They are a PITA, but we don't want to confuse people about what we do.

There's a secret to choosing a good location for any event-never pick a location right up front. Pick one in a corner that people will have to pass to circulate. The spots right up front near the door get ignored. Failing that, get one right next to the beer. People will flock to beer, especially if it's free!

Like I said, we didn't have to work very hard at all today. We had a few ol' boys come up and ask for seconds on coffee, "Man, that's GOOD, what is it I'm drinking?" We've been struggling to get the fellas out away from the Stop and Rob coffee rack for two years.

I think I am good for the first half of the year-two charity events in a 5 day period are enough. At least, that's what I thought to myself when the State Troopers Widows and Orphans fund called today. I don't really know if the W & O get a decent check when Trooper Bob gets mowed down in a traffic stop. Does anyone know this answer?

My Silk City Perle Cotton 10/2 came in today. Was I insane to buy this?


smariek said...

You're a busy gal with the coffee. I hope you're not getting high on your own supply, lol. DH told me that I could never work at anyplace that involved coffee & books for that reason...

Whatcha gonna make with the cotton?

Joan said...

You're in the right climate for the perle cotton so probably not so nuts on this one. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Bets, the charity people have your number! I have also worked events like that, and I know what you meant about getting pooped out. you are a doll.