Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day

We had Valentine's Day early in East Cupcake.  DH was proactive-he knew there was a gun show Saturday, and there have been such ammo shortages in the area, he planned to go early.  He also knew that restaurants and florists will be crowded and unpleasant.  So he came home last night and told me we were having Valentine's early.

We went metal detectin'.  I bought a detector a few months ago, but hadn't tried it out.  We hopped into the car, and drove to the coast.  We went to the state beach, paid our admission, then found out that it wasn't legal to scan on state beaches.  Sigh.  So we left and went to a public beach---where I promptly found 1 Skoal can, a nail, and 4 beer cans.

Later, we moved onto a national seashore.  Guess what?  It was clean, so clean that the detector didn't beep.  I wasn't sure what was better-beeping on trash or SILENCE.

As it turns out, it wasn't legal to scan that beach either.  I was careful to look at ALL the signs going into the park.  Nothing.  Wish they would make it clearer and just post it.

Mark knows from experience that park rangers don't have a sense of humor.  He got a traffic ticket from one a few years back.  So we left.
It was weird-it took quite a while to get onto that beach-but just seconds to get back.  I looked at him, thinking did we lose time?  Did  aliens abduct us?  DH looked at me and said "Does your butt hurt?  Mine doesn't, so I don't think we got implants."  We laughed.

Since metal detecting was total bust, I grabbed DH's phone and looked up yarn stores in the area.  There is one, so I looked up the address and away we went.  It was The Knotty Girl in Corpus Christi.  DH was still being a good sport, so I popped in for a few minutes.  (Mind you, I will be attending a gun show Saturday morning.)

The big pink sign on her door announced yarn sales.  I found Adriafil Matisse in a range of pink, denim, sage and tobacco on sale, so I snagged it, a cheapo ONLINE magazine, and the latest Debbie Bliss.  On the way home, I looked at the Debbie.  Meh.  A lot of them look like things I have seen.   

We had a good time on the way home listening to old stuff on Sirius.  Van Halen with David Lee Roth or Sammy?  David Lee Roth

38 Special or Loverboy?  (What a scathing look I got there!)  38 Special.

What's the biggest bullshit lyric of the early 1980s?  Lights, by Journey.  "Whoa ohh, my my mah mah mah mah.  Whoa, oh, ohhha."   

What 4 albums did you NEED to own in the 1970s?  Dark Side of the Moon, Rumors, Tapestry, and something by Led Zepplin.  (Oh, and possibly Deep Purple.)

We had a fun day out.


Marcia said...

The 70's was one long-ass musical decade...

Cat Stevens Tea for the Tillerman

Elton John Caribou

Ohio Players Honey

Boz Skaggs, the album with all the good songs.

Aerosmith, Toys in the Attic.

Marcia said...

Apparently the 70's was also hard on my math brain.

Joan said...

Lots of messagey stuff in the '70's. But I still remember all the dire, dopey lyrics.

Sounds like a cool V day! ;-)

Cindy G said...

The 70's? Man that's a long time back for me to remember.
Tapestry for sure.
Joan Baez Ballad Book.
Um, something by the Stones?

Metal detecting and yarn in one day sounds like a pretty good combination. I like incongruous juxtapositions.

Tammy said...

Oh... Loverboy all the way! lol

smariek said...

Who says you have to celebrate Vday on Vday? We went out for sushi dinner tonight to avoid crowds on Saturday.

I can't get over you dragging him to a yarn store. Everybody in my house knows about the yarn, but they don't have to know how much $$$ I spend on it.