Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mail Call!

I've been celebrating Betsuary in fine style.  When I got back from Fat Camp, I was sensorily deprived.  I didn't miss food, I missed flavor.  When I got home, I cozied up with my Penzey's catalog.

I got a big box yesterday.  I ordered a lot of oddball for me things like black cardamon.  I put a pod in my mouth yesterday to satisfy my curiosity.  Hmmm, smokey, wood chippy, barbeque rub---mmmm-I spat it out.  There's something overtly medicinal about it, like a visit to the dentist's office.  I should learn more about that spice.

I bought Penzey's new cookbook.  I adore Penzey's, this cookbook, not so much.  It seems to be a rehash of their magazine, which is enjoyable, but the format is identical to the magazine.  In a magazine, you can easily feature "everyone named Bob, but stack 12 similarly arbitrary subjects in one book, and it's not clearly organized.   The jury is still out, but right now, it feels like more of a coffee table cookbook.

Did you notice the little tiny blue slip of fanmail under the catalog?  Squeee!  It's still a mystery, but a very exciting one!!!


Cindy G said...

I love plain old cardamom in baked goods, but have no idea what the black would taste like. Isn't it used in Indian cuisine?

LisaW. said...

hey, that magazine has 'wasilla' splashed across the front of it (yeah I enlarged it to double check!) so...tell us what's the blue envelope about...tax rebate? publishers clearinghouse check? warrant?

Cyndi said...

I love Penzey's! And I have a store just a few blocks from me. Now you've made me wanna go there. I need some granulated garlic anyway. I eat taht stuff right from the jar! Have you tried it?

Anonymous said...

I love cardamom, but too much does taste medicinal. Now about that blue paper....I know a check when I see one!

smariek said...

I've never used cardamom before. Hope you tell us more about your cardamom adventures.