Monday, February 23, 2009

So the economy is flat, you say?

It's not my fault.  I went out and tried to buy things yesterday.  I left the house with a mental list of what I wanted.

Whadda waste of time.  I went to the bigboxbookstore to find this book on Jimmy Carter.  A few weeks ago, I heard an interview from an author that believes that Jimmy Carter jacked up foreign policy so badly that we are still paying.  Hmmm.  I didn't know anything about that...but I am interested in what this guy has to say.  It wasn't available, but they can order.  I don't understand why that's a service.  I can order it myself.

Oh well. 

I went across the parking lot and over to the mega housewares store.  

I want help making sushi.  I have no joint rolling skills, and I make a mess every time I cozy up to nori and rice.  I've tried the bamboo mat.  No dice.  My mom used to do that with a dish towel.  I didn't inherit her dexterity.  My older brother, aka the whitest hapa I know, has both a rice cooker and a sushi maker.  His sushi comes out fine.  He uses this.  

I was on a mission.  

I also wanted a rack so I can line dry some clothes.  It may be green, and all that, or maybe it would just save time-I could do multiple loads back to back, and pop them on the back porch.  God knows it gets hot enough.

The product assortment at the big box home store is kind of comical.  I can get a Ped Egg, a DiscoHitsofthe'90s Cd, and gummi bears, as well as a pink KitchenAid coffee grinder.  (that was tempting)  But I couldn't find anything related to sushi.  "We have plates," the clerk volunteered.  Ummm, no.

And that drying rack?  I wanted something fairly substantial-I do a lot of laundry.  Something like this would have been ok, but all I found was a behemouth, over engineered system that included three laundry bins which required a lot of floor space.  I looked at it, and tried to envision how I would use it.  And couldn't.  Who drives a cart like that from room to room collecting laundry?  When I sort mine, I throw it on the floor.  Hell, it's already dirty.

I went out yesterday with good intentions, and didn't get the things I wanted.  I ordered stuff from Amazon last night, but if you know where I can get a good heavy duty folding laundry rack, let me know!


Michelle said...

I bought a seriously bitchin' clothes rack from Ikea. Cheap, effective, holds a lot of clothes at once, doesn't eat a lot of space. Oh, and I give that Ped Egg a thumbs up.

Where was this pink coffee grinder? I must have one. Must.

Back in the day (okay, a few years ago), I used to make good sushi. It was even cute. We'll have to get together for a sushi making party. Hmm...

smariek said...

I can't get over the fact that there is a CD titled Disco Hits of the 90s!!!

Anonymous said...

You need to skip wallyworld and go straight to the red circle.

firesheep67 said...

I second the comment re: rack at Ikea - it looks almost like the folding one in your post!

Anonymous said...

I have joint rolling skills, but I don't like sushi. Can't help you, and to describe it via e-mail wouldn't help, either.

Mary Q Contrarie said...

Wow I found a great clothes drying rack at It is all wood and metal. It is also made in USA.... I am extremely impressed with it...