Wednesday, February 18, 2009

@#%!%^& Cape!

When the main portion is finished, there are live stitches on the left front (on a holder) and the right front, (on a holder). Then you knit the hem. Then, you come back and knit the button band and the buttonhole band. That’s one red flag spot… on the button hole band, you pick up five on the hem, then the 100 stitches from the holder. On the button band, you have 105 on the holder (yes, you are on a holder by row 2. So how dumb is that-why don’t you just work the 100, and pick up the other 5 when you go to add the button band LIKE YOU DO ON THE OTHER SIDE. Jeeez, how stupid is THAT?? (see photo). Let’s mess that up right from the get go for no good reason!!

I see one other structural flaw….this is knit edge to edge. I slipped the first stitch in each row. This created a more stable edge. Then, I picked up and added a ribbed collar. So the heavy cape argues with the stretchy collar, and it will stretch out of shape really quickly.

Oh dammit. How aggravating.

What seems to be working-I did a row of SC, crocheting every other stitch together. Then I came back and did a second row, SCing every stitch together. Now I have to tack it down and sew tape/ribbon over it, give it a bath, and sew on buttons.

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Cindy G said...

I'm impressed (understatement)! Using the crochet to stabilize the neck sounds smart to me.