Saturday, February 28, 2009

Marching for Cake-

Somewhere in a photo album, I have a picture of my older brother sitting in front of an Easter cake that looked like this. I was thrilled to learn that the makers of that pan, the Nordic Ware Company, teams ups with charities for fundraisers.

Atascosa County
Relay For Life

Dear Friends and Family,

Xi Omega Iota is raising funds for the Atascosa County Relay for Life, which offers financial support to further cancer research and programs. Funds we raise will be used in Atascosa County.

Here is the fun part! You can help us reach our goal by simply ordering kitchenware from Nordic Ware at We will earn 40% from all purchases made during March 2009. Here’s how it works:

Place your Nordic Ware Special Events Fundraiser order by clicking the Fundraising tab at Then click Browse to see the store. Be sure to use Fundraiser Code: TXN0301 during checkout (step3) before entering your credit card number.

We receive credit for all orders containing the following Fundraising Code: TXN0301
That’s all there is to it!

If you prefer, you can request a product catalog and place your order by phone or mail. Simply use this toll free number: 1-877-466-7342 and be sure to give them the above Fundraiser Code with your order.

Nordic Ware is a family-owned American manufacturer of about 400 quality consumer products, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 1946, the company has gained recognition for its innovative stovetop cookware, bakeware, barbecue and microwave products, ranging from everyday essentials to gourmet ware. You may have seen Nordic Ware products in retail stores such as Williams Sonoma; Target; Bed, Bath and Beyond and many more. They are best known for developing the original and well-loved Bundt Pan.

Note: Place your order the first 24 hours of our fundraiser starting date and
receive a small gift with your order! 
Shipping is free on all orders of 50.00 or more!

Thank you so much for helping us reach our goal!


LisaW. said...

hey, i have that pan! picked it up at sally's and make my annual coconut covered easter cake! had no idea bout the history behind it!

Cindy G said...

I love Nordic Ware. Maybe I had better go boost the economy. I've never actually owned a Bundt pan (which is a shameful thing for a Midwesterner to confess).

smariek said...

I love my NordicWare bundt pan.

Hey, how about adding a link at the top of your side bar that links to this post and the code, so that people can still find it when the post drops down or off the page?

Cindy G said...

You're welcome, I'm eagerly awaiting my order,too, even though once it gets here I may actually have to follow through and bake something.