Monday, February 09, 2009

Books in Singapore

I found Kinokuniya in Singapore.  It was fabulous, but a little tricky.  Everything was shrinkwrapped, and I can't read Japanese.  I managed to muddle thru.  I made mistakes. 
 That white lace book with red lettering?  It has a picture of the knitting princess they featured in Knitter's a few years back (#82).    I was really disappointed to get back to my hotel room and find it was a "how to knit" primer.  Blah.

When I told my brother I went there, he said you could get the staff to show you the books.  But he just opens them himself and makes a mess.  That sounds about right.

They also had a great Borders that had a new British knitting magazine I hadn't seen before!

I love Japanese magazines because the projects are just so wearable.  Seriously, look at this!


Suzann said...

Makes you wonder why American magazines can't publish patterns that are wearable.
Sounds like a great trip. Are you home yet, miss wanderer ?

smariek said...

Sounds like shopping fun. We have one of those bookstores at Japantown in SF, and I know there is one here in the south bay somewhere, I just haven't stumbled upon it yet. It's a fun store to browse.

Cindy G said...

Welcome back, at least I'm assuming that you are back?

The book haul makes the trip look very worthwhile. I've sort of wondered why U.S. publications don't feature more Japanese designers, some of their stuff it so darned interesting. But maybe the completely different approach to pattern writing gets in the way?