Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thai work crew

One of the things that we got to eat at fat camp was green coconut milk.  It was delicious.  My brother said that normally, it was "eh", but since we weren't eating,  it tasted a million times better!

We were in a cab leaving when we pulled up to a stop light.  In the bed of a dark green mini pickup next to us, we saw a coconut crew-two men and a monkey!  The cabbie explained that the monkey got to climb up trees and pick coconuts!


Grace said...

Waving back to you Hope you are having a good day too!!

smariek said...

Ah, so this is the guy you were telling me about the other night. I haven't had fresh coconut milk before. Isn't it high in saturated fat?

Anonymous said...

I see the monkey, but what did he do with the 2 men? And will somebody put some underpants on him?