Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More about appearances-

Since I am working on secret knitting this week, I figured I'd revisit appearances, based on a few of the comments left on "You look Marvelous". A few years ago, I got a frantic late night phone call "Turn your tv on! Chris Baierski is on!" WHATTTT????? So I turned the tv on.

It was Paula. I was shocked, amazed and a little repulsed to see her as a candidate on "Extreme Makeover." I worked with Chris years ago. I remembered his wife Paula-thick glossy curls, and snapping, sparkling eyes. Funny to see that this was how she saw herself.

Sorry, I couldn't load Paula's bio link ....


Anonymous said...

ok, i am not sure if i left a comment already or not...something weird happened.

how excited are you for tonight?? i can't wait! have a good evening :)

Lisa W. said...

Hey Bets, thanks for the recommendation. I'll take out chugiak. I'm having a bitch of a time trying to put in links. I almost had it but everyone's URLs got posted. I didn't think that was right so I deleted and republished..but lost my fancy script for links. I'm still working it though...i've been thru the tutorial and linked to the knitblog tutorial but maybe its just me and ughh...code...reminds me of when I took APL the first time in college 150 yrs ago! I enjoy your blog and your pithy (not pissy!) sense of humor. And enjoyed chatting here and there on elann.com over the past couple years.