Sunday, October 22, 2006

I glance at it every time I walk by-

There's a purse contest over at Elann that I'd like to enter. One morning, I got colorway inspiration from an art article in Forbes. While I was driving to work, the design popped into my head. (I have a three minute commute. This design is not hard.) I consulted an expert (Thanks, Sundog!) and last week, I set about whipping up my masterpiece. I knit and knit and knit, then I felted.

It sucked.

After knitting several balls of Highland Wool and a lot of agitation, I had a big felt pillowcase. If I can convince Miss Suggy that this is my favorite pillow, she will want to use it, but if not, this fugly rubbish will land in the trash. Sigh.

Convinced it was a good idea, (and working with my behemouth swatch, which CLEARLY showed proportions after felting) I started over on Wednesday. I felted it Friday night, and worked on details all day yesterday. Yay! Much better. I am a lining and snap away from total completion. I really like it. I would carry it.

Let's see what the judges think.


jayne said...

Good luck with it!

I was all gung-ho about this contest and even started something (it sounded promising in my head). It's about half-knit. Half-wit? Honestly can't say if it will make it into the contest since I have one other much bigger deadline to meet in the same time frame, and...I keep knitting other things. Avoidance?

Every time I walk past it in my head I think, I would carry that... :)

Can't wait to see yours and hoping to see the pillowcase too. ;)

Grace Yaskovic said...

Oh I can relate, I wanted to do this contest too, I have a plan, I have the yarn but I knit everything but. One reason is mine would not be felted. I live in an apartment with no washer, so no way to felt anything. The commercial washers at the laundromat will not suffice, you can't play with cycles like you can at home. Good luck Bets, I admire your perserverance!!

Lisa W. said...

yay bets! can you show a pic after you submit it? I had a felting disaster this weekend too and am still wondering how to best salvage anything from it. worst luck there are beautiful glass beads knitted in...unfortunately some felted to the inside and some to the outside (next time run a wire or non felting yarn through them to hold them to the outside) and the flap over part came out all wonky. can't wait to see yours.

junior_goddess said...

Hmm-is it still wet? You might be able to bead-handle them to the front. That really stinks, but I know what you mean-sometimes it gets a little dicey.

I can't show any pictures until the finalists are contacted. If I make the finals, I will mail it to Ann for judging. SO....if I post a picture of it, that means I didn't get to the finals, and THAT'S a bad thing.

Evelyn said...

Way to go Bets...I'm glad you tackled it a second time. Eventually you will be a winner but I admit it's kind of hard because of knitters like SK out there. Her work is fantastic.
Ever think of cutting up your first try to make flowers etc. to embellish your bags?
I just finished a little white Christmas party bag with a big red glass button on the front and a red lining with little gold stars on it. It was my own design and I was thrilled with it but I can't write a pattern for the life of me.
Part of the reason I only make bags and socks is because I have a lot of trouble reading the intricate patterns and understanding them. I need to visualize someone doing these techniques rather than look at a picture.
I'm anxious to see the entrants for this contest. Should be good.
BTW I have given up on your email look for something from me via snail mail.
Take care.....Ev
ps: What is the purpose of having us write those letters before we send our posts? Just curious !

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your bag! Just why didn't the first one turn out? Did it not felt sufficiently?

junior_goddess said...

MMM-let's just say I overestimated the rate of felting OR I overknit it. It was ginormous

Anonymous said...

Its a definate winner! I LOVE IT!!!

Daryl said...

Here's hoping we don't see a picture for a REALLY long time, like the December announcements. Daryl

Anonymous said...

(sorry if i published twice...something weird happened!)

2nd time's the charm! best of luck to you!! :)