Saturday, October 14, 2006

After all the Project Runway hype-

(I am still knitting something I can't talk about)

The big finale is this week. Thank goodness, because the past two episodes have left me craving an auf'ing. I was wandering around and happened across the photo collections from the Bryant Park show.
Oh I have definite opinions on who should win. And shockingly enough, the collections all look like Uli's!!!! (Except Laura's). And I don't think Laura should win-but mostly because the rest of the world (outside NYC) will only take so much black and neutral. I really don't see a beige turtleneck mini as a spring dress.


Anonymous said...

ok, so 15 minutes into it...all i have to say is i hope laura doesn't win!!!!! i wasn't a big fan of jeffrey going into this, but he handled all of this like a grown-up, unlike laura.

oh, and thanks for the warning about kitty farts...i haven't had that lovely experience yet, but knowing them, i imagine it's to come :)

Vamanta said...

Now leave my girl Laura alone, bets! The judges said her collection looked like $30K rather than the $8K budget And Heidi said they were the type of clothes every woman would keep in their closets forever. Yet Jeffrey won with zippered covered dresses?