Friday, October 20, 2006

A Me Me meme

(hell, everyone else does, and I am still working on Secret Knitting)

Four jobs I’ve had:
Telephone eavesdropper Don’t worry, it was legal.
Dance Instructor at Arthur Murray’s Frankly, I loved it, but didn’t earn enough to pay for pantyhose.
Technical Writer NOT a riveting job.
Optical sales THAT boss is famous because he was the defendant in a sexual harassment case that went to the Colorado Supreme court. He was an ass. He lost.

Four movies I can watch over and over:
The Joy Luck Club-the movie that makes every Asian cry
The Memphis Belle
Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion-it’s just funny
The Green Mile

Four places I have lived:
Elmhurst IL
Anchorage AK
Fort Worth TX
10 Eisenschmelz, Winnweiler-Hochstein D67722 (see photo)

Four television shows I love to watch: Project Runway, Mind of Mencia, What not to wear (BBC) , Unwrapped (on Food Network)

Four places I have been on vacation: London, Tokyo, a prairie dog town somewhere in Wyoming, Munroe GA

Four of my favorite dishes: Jello Custard , Fried Mushrooms, Tortilla Soup. Hamburgers right off the grill-d’ya ever notice that there is no restaurant that can dress your burger as well as you do?

Four websites I visit daily: Project RunGay,, Drudge Report, (well, several times a week to see what’s on sale) and ebay

Four places I would rather be right now: The lace market at Idar Oberstein, Harrod’s, talking to my brother (doesn’t matter where), Colorado Springs

Four bloggers I am tagging: Libby, Bri, Joan and Suzann


Bri McStan said...

If I were there, I would serve you with a dance off challenge for me-me-ing me.


Sandra D said...

How did you know Joy Luck Club made me cry? It's been a while but I remember getting teary about the woman having a relationsip crisis with her architect husband (it's raining, they're both outside, drenched, she's crying, both realizing the marriage is over). The movie also made me realize that the thing my mother did about never complimenting her daughters to their faces but using their accomplishments as bragging rights to friends in some kind of weird competition is not unique to her!

junior_goddess said...

The part about the scene you remember is that she remembers all the time she busted her butt to do for her husband because his job was more important than hers. And then she realized that's garbage.

I saw it for the first time in San Francisco. My brother and I both got teary, as did, I suspect, half the theater.

Bri-and I can whip your butt-doesn't matter if I have to lead or follow.

Suzann said...

Wow dance contest. Watch it ladies I took belly dancing lessons once.
I love that scene too, well the whole movie

Sandra D said...

It's coming back to me now, Bets! And was the husband making goo-goo eyes at his secretary? Also was this the movie where one of the mothers had to leave a baby daughter with her jewels by the roadside while fleeing on foot from war-time China? Lots of cry-worthy moments!
BTW, what does me-me meme stand for?
I didn't know you danced! What was your specialty?

junior_goddess said...

I had to look meme up-it was some word first used in 1976 to invoke a common cultural memory, or some such.

The best scene in the whole movie is where the daughter has struggled to live up to her mother's expectations her whole life, and she is standing in the kitchen telling her mom she's tired of trying. Her mother tells her "You have best quality heart."

I liked cha-cha and waltz. Too bad I married a guy who doesn't dance.

Leigh said...

Hi. I wanted to tell you thanks for the sheepy sweater links and comment at my blog. The I got here and was very interested in this post. I was born in Elmhurst Illinios and grew up just 2 towns away. Also lived in Arlington Texas for quite a few years. Blogging sure does make the world seem smaller, doesn't it :)

Vamanta said...

I'm all good with being tagged but what does it mean, bets?

jayne said...

Fun post. I love reading Amy Tan books. DH and watched the Joy Luck Club years ago and had to keep pausing to have crying breaks. Him too. We had a very young son at the time, so the bathtub scene killed us. I think I resonated with the chess-playing girl.

I'm catching up on a few posts here. Ralph Lauren must have his head up his ass. Wait, then he'd have to write about 60 shades of...

Vamanta said...

A kind person helped me figure out the tag thing. So bets, ask & ye shall receive:

Karin said...

I only ever read the book, Amy Tan is wonderful, but it made me teary too. Your mention of Anchorage did that too, now that insightful song "Anchored Down in Anchorage" by Michelle Shocked is stuck on my brain. I'm envisioning the dance- off, bellydancing with kachakachas instead of zills!