Saturday, October 28, 2006

Just because it CAN be knit

Does not necessarily mean it's a good idea. Swallowtail was mercilessly frogged, and reknit as Berroco's free pattern Kap, and Norah Gaughan's Target mittens (still drying). I was not impressed with either pattern.

Kap turned out to be just a beanie, a toque, a skullcap-whatever, but the newsboy look eluded me, even after I blocked it on a large plate. Fine, it'll be what it is.

And the Target mittens? I'd never made mittens before, so that was fun, and they went quickly but that semi-circular seam in the middle of the palm is irritating. My yarn was a chunky/aran weight, so I just made the smallest children's size, and added rows before and after the thumb decrease. The "target" is picked up and knit from a circular hole made by the thumb decreases. It reminds me of a teat, and that bugs me to no end.

The yarn is Noro Silver Thaw, one skein, and there were knots in the middle that threw off the patterning, so there was no point trying to get the mittens to match. The shade a hideous train wreck of highlighter hues.

Don't mind me, I am ultra-crabby.


Anonymous said...

Well I like 'em Miss Crabby. I really like the fact that the mittens coordinate rather than match. But then again, my daughter hasn't worn matching socks in over a year and I often coordinate my earrings rather than match so you know where I'm coming from

Anonymous said...

A TEAT??? That is too funny! I just made my first pair of mittens this weekend, and I thought the same thing about one of them! But why did your frog the Swallowtail? That is on my list; I just bought some elann Baby Cashmere for it. Is it the pattern?

Karin said...

It's too bad the patterns didn't meet your expectations - I wish things like that didn't happen. What is it about "Swallotail" that you didn't like? I have that on my to do list, as part of a KAL, but don't want to add anything more to my "never to be done" basket.

junior_goddess said...

I liked the Swallowtail just fine, nothing wrong with the pattern, I just didn't think I was working it in the right yarn. The combo didn't send me, I guess. The pattern is (at least the main part) kind of easy.