Friday, May 15, 2009

Well, I have no idea

I bought a crazy amount of Herrschner's Lighthouse Waves yarn.  It's soy and wool, so I figured it was something like SWS.  I wasn't sure how the Lavendar/Brown combo would be, so I ordered a lot more of the Jewel Box color.  There are only 64 yards in a ball.  They were 1.99 a ball when I got them.  This week, the Jewel Box was .99 per skein.  Whoo-hooo, RE-ORDER!

SWS has 110 yards to the ball/80 grams, so yeah, it's just a smaller put up.  I am taken with the 10 stitch blanket, and maybe that would be the right project.  Or not.  I gotta look.


smariek said...

Lovely color. What a great bargain!

Have a good weekend Bets.

Grace said...

i think it would be perfect in that blanket!

Daryl said...

Wow! Looks so much better in your pictures, softer, more glowing, and I like the green with the purple! Is is soft in person? Damn! I hate it when I have to deal with having Been Virtuous.

Anonymous said...

Was wondering what that lovely multi-colored yarn was! Oh, I find out its Herrchner's brand which I'd been staying away from, just because one has to draw the line somewhere.
I see beautiful blankets in your future!