Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Like naked Cheetos

I bought a bag of these the other day.  They aren't bad.  They aren't a home run with me, though.  They really DO remind me of puffy Cheetos without yellow dust ... just not quite right.

When DH makes a certain sighing exhale, it's an indication that things are not quite right around here.  He made that noise today, then showed me today's mail.  There's a problem all right, and I know what I think it is .... but it's only a guess.  What am I going to do about it?  Not much, unless I get a phone call, but it's unsettling.  

I passed my resume in for a job that 1) I know I can do with one hand behind my back and 2) pays well.  I would like a phone call from them also, if the phone call fairy is listening.  

I see a crisis on the horizon. All is not well.  I wonder if it will sail past, or come steaming up river to my door?  


Suzann said...

May all crisis' pass away like a breeze. I have fingers crossed for you.
Good luck with the job.
Blessings on Bets, who shines so bright.
She is my friend, like a star in the night


ucky! may the ucky float by!

hurry up phone, it is so hard to type with crossed fingers! give her the job!

Cindy G said...

Hope you get the good phone call, and not the bad one. Fingers crossed on both counts.

smariek said...

Good luck with the job! I hope you get the right phone call.