Monday, May 11, 2009

I forgive

Kellykins wanted to know what pattern I was using-it's an Adrienne Vittadini booklet from 2006.  Last week, I searched all the AVs I could find, and made sure my library is complete.  It's a shame, really.  For at least a decade, Adrienne Vittadini had some really sharp designs.  The pity was, the patterns are not really knitter friendly ... they are murky, like some Vogue patterns.  But sharp looking classic clothing for grown up women?  Absolutely.

Once again, I am on the yarn quantity see-saw.  I understand why I do this.  When I first started knitting, I made a wildly successful top from a "Finn Time" leaflet.  (I loved these leaflets, where did they GO?)  It needed 500 yards of yarn.  And I was a poor airman, too; I looked hard for 500 yards in yarns I could afford.  So for me, 500 yards is the magic number, never mind that I haven't been that size since.....oh, when I got married, I guess.  So I am learning to buy more, but still struggle.  It's a good thing this color is still readily available.  The cowl might require another ball.  Aggravating, because the whole point was to USE some yarn, not use it and have to order more.  It's like inviting in yarn vampires!  

Susan Bates are just right for this yarn-not too pointy.  (BTW, if anyone can id that brand of circs, I would appreciate it.  I bought them at Wallyworld about 3 years ago, and I LOVE them.  They are like a Susan or a Boye, but the tips are exactly like freshly sharpened pencils.  Sharp, but not too sharp.  I really like THAT pair.  )   

I forgive this yarn as I knit it, because the fabric is just SO nice.


Grace said...

I'll hve to look but I think I have those circ's I will get back to you!

kellygirl said...

Thanks, Bets! You're going to have one heck of a nice top when all is said and done. Lurve the cowl! You have to do the cowl (even if it means ordering more you-know-what.) I hate that about ordering yarn without a project in mind--I find myself trolling Ravelry looking for the perfect pattern to use up X amount of yarn and I prefer it to be close. I hate having three or four balls left over. It just seems like a waste! Happy knitting, Bets-san. Keep us posted.

smariek said...

Hurry up! I wanna see you model this.

I'm in a different yarn boat. I started out buying "scarf" quantities of yarn, and now I find myself wanted to move into real garments (vest/sweater/etc) and I don't have enough yarn.

Anonymous said...

If by WallyWorld you mean Wal-Mart then they are Boyes. That is the only brand of knitting needles I have ever seen there in 36 (+/-)years of working/shopping there. Some of the Boy needles are better than others when it comes to tips. Cant wait to see the sweater finished :-)


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