Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Perfect barbecued anniversary chicken-

We want easy food.  

A few weeks ago, DH was tooling home from Mass and smelled barbecueing chicken.  He had to have some!    He went to the store and bought a mountain of chicken.  I'd been reading a few magazines and  tried this method.  It's easy and good.   We've done it weekly since then, and I think it will be a go-to food this summer.

Perfect barbecued chicken- 

In a small bowl, mix together about 1 T salt, and 1 T seasoning salt (or an herb, or a spice mix).  Rinse and dry 6-10 plain chicken thighs.  Pull up the skin on a thigh, and rub a medium pinch of the salt all over the flesh underneath.  (The color of the seasoning salt should show you if you miss a spot.)  Replace the skin.  Prep all the chicken in this manner, and let it sit in the fridge (I cover mine)  for one to two hours.  Don't let it sit too much longer or it will get mushy from the salt.  (I timed it, and if DH starts the coals an hour after I prep the chicken, it works out just right.  We end up eating two hours after the chicken goes in the fridge.)

Prep the grill, light the coals.  When the coals are ready, put the chicken on in a low/medium spot.  While the chicken cooks, mix up about 1/2 cup commercial barbecue sauce, and thin it out with 2 or 3 tablespoons of....I use a bottle of marinade I have open, but you could use lemon juice, a little vinegar, juice, beer, something.  When the chicken looks almost done, paint one side with the sauce mix, and let grill for 3-5 minutes (watch carefully, because the sugar in the barbecue sauce burns quickly), turn it over, paint and repeat.  Voila! 

Last weekend, I prepped the chicken, and handed DH the bowl.  "You mean there's only four pieces of chicken?  FOUR?  All this for only FOUR pieces of chicken?"  He went on and on and on.  And on.  To shush him, I said "You know what?  Today is your anniversary!"


He was a little shamefaced for throwing such a fit, but we have laughingly decided that the official anniversary gift for the 15th wedding anniversary is four pieces of chicken and a fork stuck in the head.  


Grace said...

Your post paints a wonderful visual of your DH with a fork in his head surrounded by perfect barbacued chicken!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

smariek said...

Happy Anniversary!

The chicken looks yummy.