Wednesday, May 27, 2009

OMG-can I be a BIGGER dork?

I am pretty sure my pathological need to see my name emblazoned on things is deepseated, caused by NEVER seeing my name in the personalized license plate rack in souvenir shops, and an older brother who would take my stuff to torment me.  
It is what it is.  I have wanted NikeID shoes for at least five years.  This year, I finally bought them for myself for Mother's Day.  I had a gift card, so I could almost justify the extra cost.  Of course, styles changed and colors changed every time I looked at the custom shoe feature, but finally, I made something I thought I liked.

I got SOOOOO excited when UPS delivered my shoes to me yesterday.  I couldn't stand it!  They came all the way from Thailand:
Pan Asia Footwear Public Company
Pan Tech R & D Co, LTD
177/2 Moo 5 Baypass Rd.
Nongkham Sriracha
Chonburi, Thailand 
on Dragon Air and Cathay Pacific.  

And they look like THIS!

Yeah, I know, a little plain.  Kind of funny that I would make them look like bowling shoes.  Over the years, I have designed plenty that looked like clown shoes.  

But these are for real.  And since they say "Go Bets" on them, I have to get on the treadmill.  I guess I think I have to earn the right to wear them....and that's ok.

On a very happy note, one of my knitting friends was just taken off the lung transplant list because she was deemed too healthy for her transplant; now she goes in to be 'tortured' (physical therapy) frequently.  Thinking "Bets, get your ass on the treadmill" has been amended to "Bets, go join Denise for her walk."  

I love that.


Daryl said...

Pretty, pretty, so refined and tasteful!. Of course you now have to use them. What is the benefit of having Go Bets if you don't go anywhere.

Suzann said...

now go someplace for me.
I really like your new shoes. How is the fit?
lurve you

Grace said...

Very nice and excellent reasoning!!!

Cindy G said...

Those are so cool!

kellygirl said...

Wow! Burn up that treadmill, baby! I bets those make you fast since they look so aerodynamic and stylin'.

Anonymous said...

You designed shoes that look cool AND fit well enough for exercise! Definitely...GO BETS!!!


smariek said...

Go Bets!

BTW, you should get DDR, it's lotsa fun.