Thursday, May 07, 2009

Not knitting

I'm still slugging away on my sleeves.  As it turns out, I might have enough yarn!  I don't think two raglans on a circ is all that interesting, SO ...... 

I'll talk about food today instead.  Here are leftovers from Tuesday night's dinner.  Suggy LOVES it when seaweed and rice are on the menu.  She always volunteers to clean the plates.

My sushi rolling skills are improving; now I understand why American sushi tends to have that chunk of cream cheese, avocado, or seafood salad down the middle.  It's the gluey fill-in-the-gap qualities that they provide!

Last night, I fixed something I never tasted before.  Chhole (cho-ley).  Make that Punjabi Chhole.  With na'an.  I found a ridiculously expensive spice packet at the pricey grocer's a while back.  I went for it because it used chickpeas, and I love them, I just don't know a lot of ways to use them.  Chhole has you chopping up onions and roma tomatoes, frying half of them up in a little olive oil with some sliced ginger, then adding garbanzos and frying them for a few minutes.  Add the spice mix, cook for another minute or two, add the rest of the onions and tomatoes.  Garnish with cilantro.  (DH hates cilantro, or I would mix it in.)  Ohhhh yum!  And it was totally vegetarian, which really surprised me, because I don't usually make it thru the WHOLE meal totally veg.

When I was in Thailand at Fat Camp, some smartass left an old copy of this magazine in the magazine rack.  I steered myself away from it for the first two days, then I looked at it.  I was initially doubtful, because Brits aren't known for their cooking.  I liked it so well I looked for and found a newer issue in Singapore.  About six weeks ago, I broke down and ordered a subscription.   It came in yesterday!  I was so excited!
 It's fun to see how other countries view foods.  This magazine touts a recipe for pork stuffed tortillas 'kids love 'em!'  but also has several recipes for CHICKPEAS!  Yay!  I sat down and looked at it yesterday.  I stumbled upon a term I had never heard ... spatchcocked.  

I know, I had to go look it up too.

You can bet I will use that word instead of swearing in front of the grandkids.



junior what foreign country are you in. my expat (from scotland) was in the oil patch for donkeys years. so has lots of stores about singapore and india (school there til about 13). the cooking looked great! why is it, i can't picture you at a fat camp?

Grace said...

spatchcock---to debone the chicken or a threat from an angry Mom

If you don't sit down and be quiet I will spatchcock you like no tomorrow

Heard that directed at my sister more then once

Frozen Arnold Palmer, a slushy drink of iced tea and lemonade!

junior_goddess said...


I know, right, I am supposed to be eating friojles and tortillas, right? Same thing, but not.

Anonymous said...

Yum, Bets, you are doing some mighty appetizing and adventurous cooking! Someday I hope to get out of the spaghetti, roast, quick broil, quick stir-fry (quick is the operational word, here) rut!


smariek said...

I had to look up that word too! You make cooking sound so simple. I need to get out of my quick & simple rut too. Must remember to drag my Indian friend to Namaste Plaza (Indian supermarket) so she can show me what to get.

Suzann said...


I love chickpeas. Lots of chickpea recipes which I will shoot your way when I am more lively.
I hate sushi with avocado or cream cheese. I always pull the avocado out. Why does cilantro taste like soap to me?