Friday, April 03, 2009

The C Word.

Lately, I've thought alot about the C word.


I know. I taught myself to knit in 1984 because I didn't like crochet patterns. Coming off of one long era of granny squares and ripple afghans, knitting made cute clothes.  

Although I can crochet, nowadays I rarely do.  It's hard on my hands.

So what changed? This book. I found it in the sale bin in Singapore.   I saw it and I was totally smitten. Hands down, no questions asked, smitten.

I am a little worried. I am really crochet rusty, I don't read Japanese, and I have never crocheted from a chart. First time up at bat in 25 years, and it's not pretty. But I am filled with a garment lust that rivals my lust for the Noro cape....

And what would I make it with? I thought about Cotton Joy. I have enough, but the construct is something like embroidery floss. I can knit it without much trouble, but I am not a crochet expert.

Recently, Elann had two suitable cottons-Frutta Mix (right) and Cotton Joy Jr.  I started to swatch the Frutta, and found it was a little thready.  My Cotton Joy Jr. came in at noon, and I will be test driving it to see how it behaves.  It seems to be a little more 'together' than Cotton Joy, a little more substantial.  That bundle at the back?  Boy, is IT orange.  Maybe I need to make my DMIL a garment with that.

We'll see.


kellygirl said...

I jumped on the C bandwagon with Sandra D. It's so freakin' fast once you figure out the cryptic instructions. I've yet to find a C pattern that is clear and well-written. I'll be posting my completed C project out of Sonata soon. That top on the front of the magazine is gorgeoulicious! All of that variegated yarn in your pix makes my mouth water!

Suzann said...

Crochet was my first love. I learned to knit because crochet seemed to produce very stiff garments. But remember this was the 70s and I was using Red Heart.
I did make a beautiful crochet jacket, that was soft and flowing and very lacy. I doubt I could reproduce it knitting.
Funny because now that I can knit I have never made an adult garment. Go figure.
I love crochet lace, but not the big nasty stuff that is featured in most magazines.
Go Bets go. The picture looks lovely. You can do it!

Grace said...

U can crochet too, rather well but it hurts my hands something awful, even a strip of loops for a provisional cast on, I think I will stick with mostly knitting!!

smariek said...

I don't know how to crochet and the instructions always look like Greek to me, but I'm told that C goes faster than K.

I'm not normally a cotton yarn person (not counting kitchen cotton yarn), but I am finding myself thinking about cotton yarn for a possible EASY, SEAMLESS, summer K top for M.