Thursday, April 23, 2009


I bought 'Knit One Below" right before Christmas, but haven't really had a chance to play with the brioche rib stitch.  I was very happy-skippy in my newfound state of liberation yesterday, went into LYS and was surprised to see the Alchemy yarns trunk show.  

This is my LYS's display garment.  It uses that brioche rib, and when I saw it, I was a goner.  I bought the book straight off.   I was smitten with the project.   I shuffled and hemmed and hawed, then finally bought the Migrations (the self striping yarn used), and told myself to stop cheaping myself out, and just buy two skeins at 16.00 each.  There really isn't a sub.

I had to draw the line at the Sanctuary, the light grey solid teamed with it.  That is 28.00 per skein.  Times four.  Yipe.  I KNOW I have SOMETHiNG in the stash that I can use, and not spend the 112.00.  


Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy, found the yarn for 16.00 check it out:

Pat Ortiz

junior_goddess said...

Wow Pat. That is pretty interesting-the custom dyed is cheaper than the regular stuff. Who knew? I have to decided what I need to do!

smariek said...

Go for it! Go for it! Now you have no excuses!

Is the Migration yarn in blue/grey like the photo?

Les said...

I looked at the link to the book. It has some beautiful things in it. Must put it on my list!

Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous!
But just one thing - purists must be aghast at the widespread use of the name brioche for a knit one below stitch. The stitch that looks like brioche on the right side and is knit with that technique is supposed to be called fisherman's rib. True brioche (or English Rib, in the old books) is meticulously described in Knitting Without Tears, and involves no such antics...:)


P.S.: Not that I care that much what stitches are (mis)called, but thought you'd get a kick out of it - then again, you probably already know all about it...

Daryl said...

Pretty, pretty. can't wait to see pictures.