Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu and Mother's Day

The swine flu uproar started yesterday.  Yesterday was the day I went to church with DH, and came home with a bad sore throat.
This made me think about my DMIL, who is, VERY active in her church.  She just got over a bad cold.  Hmmmm.

Today I got on the phone and double checked with her.... and for Mother's Day, she is getting a big bouquet of these:

She can pick the ones she wants and take the rest to the church.  And we can hope nice soap encourages more people to wash their hands a little bit longer.  And hopefully everyone can stay healthier.

Seriously.  I sent 20 bottles.

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smariek said...

Mom called to give me the lecture/advice about what we should be doing to keep safe.

The flu has hit the Bay Area, 2 confirmed cases in Marin.