Friday, April 24, 2009

I don't have any yarn....

How the hell is that possible?

Commission knitting is a little tricky-you have no decisions to make.  When you are finished, you feel like you've been let out of school for the summer.  The knitting possibilities are endless.  It's time to look at every single magazine and consider all those ideas you ignored while you were plugging away.  I have to match up yarns and patterns.  It's kinda like staring into the cupboard at 5:30 wondering "What am I going to make for dinner?"

Something happened this time around.  This spring, plain yarns are everywhere.  Everything I like calls for plain sportweight cotton.
I don't have any.  

How is that even possible?

So anyhow, after a lot of stash-diving, I found a kind of cottony, kind of metallic blend.  And this pattern:

I've already started messing with it-I added ribbing and waist shaping.  Ahhhhh, the freedom of alterations!



Anonymous said...

Oh, I put that sweater on my list too (maybe changing the position of, or eliminating, the holes?). Looking forward to seeing your version.


smariek said...

There's something nice about the simplicity of that sweater. I'm with Marta about eliminating the holes.

Michelle said...

I like the sweater. I was commenting the a few weeks ago that all the patterns around now require cotton and I don't have any either. Like you, I don't get how that could have happened.

Cindy G said...

The "staring into the cupboard" metaphore is spot on perfect.