Friday, April 10, 2009

I lost a comment-

Seriously-I was at Marcias, typed away furiously, hit post...then realized "that wasn't Marcia's blog."  Doh!

If you have an inappropriate post about the Korean makeup and Goya marinade, it's mine.  Just delete it.


Marcia said...

Hey Sweetie. You were at the right blog. I have two comment services. One goes with blogger but you don't really know about it unless you get to my blog from a reader or something. It's confusing. I'm confused just telling you about it. You commented twice and consistently. Thanks for the heads up on the marinade.

smariek said...

LOL, that sounds like something I might do cuz I always have a bunch of windows/tabs open, and flipping around btwn them at Mach speed makes me lose track of where I really am.