Thursday, June 21, 2007

So when do YOU give up?

I've tried the transition to the second repeat of the chart on my Azalea shawl three times now. Three times knit, twice tinked, and I am still getting the same ruh-roh results. Time to shelve the Sea Silk, because it's in grave danger of flying across the room. That should be conquered on another day.

**Friday morning addition: After posting that, I found a few balls of Taj Mahal, and sat down with the chart AGAIN. (Don't argue with the crazy woman, hon. She bites!) I carefully marked out my three repeats. I made it thru chart one, and then chart two. I started the second repeat, and guess what? Same jacked up result.

I struggled with that quite a bit. Was there an error? No, it was simply a matter of perspective!!! Because I am making a doily, which is normally round, I should work every section as a single wedged entity. (Like a tam! Duh!) The mistake I made? I started the row, and repeated between * and * til I ran out of stitches, like every good little knitter does. That threw everything off!

Now that I have seen the doily light, I am pressing on. I like Taj, and will use this to see if I like this shawlette enough to make it in my Sea Silk. Problem negated!

I summoned up my courage yesterday and ordered patterns from Martina's Bastel and Hobby. I ordered several lace leaflets, and was a little unnerved when I saw the postage fee...Eur 15.30??? My order shipment notice came today-it was only 5.00. I've never ordered from Martina, and I am anxious to see how this works out.

On the same note, I surfed YesAsia yesterday for knitting books. This is a pretty good site, as there are previews of many of the garments in the books. I think I'll have to give this a try after I research it a little.

And on a blog format note-are my two columns parallel, or have I goofed up my format somehow?


Daryl said...

Boohoo. I wanted to see the Seasilke emerge. Oh well, this well help keep me under control. I'm having an awful urge to "whee" with the submit button, but keep trying to remember, have to finish what I started before indulging more. There might be something wonderful in Ukraine and I have tiny needle yarn which is is tired of living in the box. Are you going to try the Birch Shetland for DH?

Joan said...

Do you mean the body & the sidebar? Yes, they are parallel.

Cactusneedles said...

It looks okay to me, too. Thanks for stopping by:)

Anonymous said...

??Huh, darn, I wish I'd had the energy to come south today so I could see what you are talking about. What do you mean single wedged entity? Oh, do you mean need to account for edges, or the bits outside of a ** pattern?

junior_goddess said...


Purple book, 15th round, page 63. If you knit that across, as written, you will knit yourself into frustration. I didn't remember I was knitting wedges, as shown on the next page. Every wedge has to be repeated. Duh!

benne said...

I've ordered from Martina several times and was very pleased with the service and the items. She has some things that are hard to find on this side of the world. I'll let you know how my YesAsia order goes. I should have it mid-July.

You're going to make me go look up that pattern aren't you???