Sunday, June 24, 2007


In a small town, you know everyone. Sometimes the relationships are intertwined. DD met her BFF about eleven years ago this week. She met BFF's cousin about seven years ago, and they've been a couple for two. BFF's paternal grandfather died, and so we will attend the viewing this afternoon, not because we knew the man, but to support the kids. ***

I assembled a basket of coffee and snacks, and took it over to BFF's early yesterday morning. I wasn't sure, but thought it might be better than flowers. DD and her fella rolled up into town yesterday afternoon. In the calm before the family obligation whirlwind, I abducted her for some birthday shopping.

It's interesting to see how DD is growing into adulthood. We suffered through her case of spoiled brat right after high school. Now on her own, it's all fun and games until the utility bill comes due, and that really altered her perspective. Two years ago, she wanted the latest designer everything. Yesterday, she leaned in and said "I could use some new shirts to wear to work." After a quick consult with DH, I threw her in the car, and off we went.

We went to Steve and Barry's, which Enid tipped me off on about a month ago (they opened in San Antonio last December). The store carries Sarah Jessica Parker's line "Bitten", featured on the cover of Oprah magazine this month. DD picked out an armload of office casual tops (six!), two fun tees, and a pair of ballerina flats. I recommend the store to anyone with teenagers/young adults, because it is a refreshing change. It's designed along the Old Navy model, and my bill was less than 75.00! They also carry men's, kids, and infant clothing.

The Azalea is back on track, albeit in a different yarn. I've been slowly working up to bigger needle sizes as I go. It won't look good until I block it, but here's a peek-

*** BFF=DD's Best Friend Forever


Grace Yaskovic said...

I have heard of the Bitten line and must remember to tell youngest. The yarn you are using for azalea is beautiful! what is it??

junior_goddess said...

It's Le Fibre Nobili Taj Mahal, Grace. Ann had a bunch on sale a few years ago.

benne said...

That looks good! How funny you are using that yarn. I got mine of the same color and vintage out the other day to swatch it for a project. It's so soft and I think lace suits it.

I saw JSP on the Today show this week talking about her fashion line. Looked like a great alternative for a fashionable wardrobe at a decent price. Glad you had a chance to do this for DD.

Les said...

Your Taj looks great!
How nice to treat your DD to some new tops! It's hard out on their own isn't it! (makes for some good appreciation tho!)
Okay, I'm a bit challenged with the BFF abreviation. Is that Best Friends Forever or Boy Friends Friend or Best Friends Friend ......

Marcia said...

Ben and Jerry's, er Barry and Bill's er, I can never remember...My son gets all his clothing there.

They now sell a basketball shoe, endorsed by a popular pro, at a very affordable price. The day the shoe premiered, there were lines out the doors. Winter jackets for 15 bucks.

I hate knitting right now, but yours looks real perty.

Jamie said...

Bets, Thanks for sharing about how family ties reach out to others, and how we can make a difference in other people's lives.
Shopping with DD must have been fun, and great to find useful items for reasonable prices. Reminds me of the many times I went shopping with my DM, even after I was on my own, and even married with kids. She was so generous with the purchases.
Your taj reminds me that I have several skeins in my plastic bins, waiting to be make into something beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.

smariek said...

It's always nice to find affordable clothes, and I can't believe you walked out with 9 items for less than $75! I had never heard of Bitten before, and don't think we have a Steve & Barry's ... I checked the website for locations, looks like they're centered around the Los Angeles/San Diego side of CA.

Joan said...

Aw, your DD must have been so thrilled with your spontaneous shopping trip, not to mention the major scores.

Beautiful bit of fiber going on there.