Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Now, for a little knitting music

I like this ad. Wish we had a unifying ad campaign.


Enid said...

nah, we're too busy, looking for a way to make a buck or point fingers on who screwed up the worst. ;)

Enid said...

I like this ad campaign. I'm not that excited for the olympic logo this go around. :\

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Makes me want to rush right over to the UK! Great ad.

Suzann said...

Very nice. It was fun picking out all the famous people. Oh there is a site with peoples alternates for the official Olympic logo. Apparently a good many Brits aren't all that happy with the official one
I expect we could hire some slick Madison Ave Advert firm to make believe we are one big family.
Notice David Beckham has moved to the US to play football/soccer. Ask a Brit how many people fly their own flag outside their homes on holidays. They think we are daft. And they moan as much as we do about their nation.
Considering that we are quite a bit bigger then all of the UK, I think we do just fine.

Cindy G said...

Isn't that last, official, one the same one that was sending epileptics into fits when it was featured in a TV ad? I'm not kidding.

junior_goddess said...

No, Cindy, I found that ad while LOOKING for the seizure ad. I guess they pulled that one already, because I did find a few that had been removed from YouTube.