Friday, June 08, 2007

Hanging Chad, anyone?

I happened to cruise over to Knitter's Vote for the Cover page to check out the cover of the next issue. Oh, they want my vote for the upcoming cover? Yay!

While I was there, I got curious about the votes for the current issue's unattractive cover garment. (I prayed really hard the rest of you weren't freakin' BLIND.) Waddya know, the cover shot was the least favorite (21%)! (Whew!)

I looked back at the other cover pages. Guess what? Since issue 70, three issues have been ties (numbers 71 and 72 were within a percentage point; number 83 was within 2% between all three shots, and two were of the same garment). Customer favorites were issues 74, 76, 78, 80 and 84. Customer voted fuglies were featured on the covers of 86, 85, 79, 75. The most appealing won 36% of the time and the fugliest made it on to the cover 29% of the time. The numbers are close enough to show that 'Casting your vote" made no difference. You could draw slips out of a hat and get a similar result.

This consumer preference poll is so....ignored. (Why do it at all?) It's nice to know you and I don't have lousy taste in clothing, it's either the Dragon or the art director.


smariek said...

How amusing. I looked through the first half on that page, there is no rhyme or reason...

Joan said...

I don't understand Knitter's anymore. Why bother with an easily-exposable sham poll? I cancelled my sub a few years ago.