Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ball number three of Gwen Friend

I've just started on the third color of my Gwen Friend top down quest. I am NOT satisfied with the addition of the lime color via a single strand of embroidery floss ... check out the bottom rows. It doesn't pop enough, and I will have to solve that problem in roughly 60 yards. I think another trip to the LYS is in order. They have a big selection of embroidery gear, and that might help me out.
Another thing that I am struggling with is the garter ridges. I am not entirely certain that this will be suitable for my darling niece. I might have to make it for an alternate person. (No way in hell can I wear it in my current size/shape.) I have a mental list of two back-ups.
My hands are tired of knitting the Cotton Twist on 4s. It's a bit of a strain.

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Libby said...

That is looking really good!!! The colors are blending quite nicely and the transition from one color to the next is great.