Friday, September 15, 2006

Yarn I wanna sing to!

I am SO happy that I can finally post knitting pictures; I have no secrets on the needles now. I'd like to introduce you to my friend Katrina. I LOVE this yarn. Ok, I might not love it as much if I had to pay the Patons MSRP of 9.00, but Elann had it at a special price. I bought four balls of this lucious blue-

I'd been working on a top down for a friend of mine, and I liked it so much, I decided to make something VERY similar to it for myself. I'm not even tempted to cheat on this project (I only have 2.5 balls left to knit) and it makes me want sing (a la Pete Townsend's Athena)-

Katrina, I had no idea how much I'd need her, In peaceful times I hold her close and I feed her, My heart starts palpitating when I think my guess was wrong, But I think I'll get along, She's just a yarn - she's the bomb


Having a Knit Fitt said...

Great looking sweater so far. Can't wait to see it on you.

Karin said...

Looks great so far! I am rather new to the top down style of knitting, but enjoy the technique. Is this pattern your own design or one that I might find somewhere? The lacy sleeves really grabbed me :).

b2 said...

Girl, you are seriously whacked. Of course, so am I, so can read your scribbling. HA! Isn't Katrina gorgeous?

Sandra D said...

I love the way your Katrina top is looking! Are you intrepidly winging it with your own top-down design or is it based on a pattern...I really like those lacy sleeves. I'm waiting for all to be revealed once your friend receives your mystery project.
I'm liking the Katrina, too. In analysing WHY?, the best I can come up with is the knit fabric feels good: smooth, cool to the touch, dense and substantial. I liked it so much I ordered more from Herrschners last week, as if my stash needed enhancment, NOT!

whitney said...

hiya, very nice and i totally enjoyed the rhyme!! can't wait to see the finished pic!

LibbyKnitKins said...

Betsy, Its gorgeous! I want one now! what is the lace pattern?

Bri McStan said...

What a good start. Don't you wish you'd have bought more?

Um, first order at Penzeys went out this morning. Very good prices and fab selection. You made my life (and any holiday shopping) much easier.

junior_goddess said...


The lace pattern is miniature leaf 2, from BW1. (How's THAT for code!) I am winging this like a crazy person, but what the heck, how is that different than any other project? I just did my first underbust decreases.

Seriously, I had a moment of trepidation when it dawned on me that Katrina produces a fabric that reminds me of a nylon shell I had in the 60s. My mother had one too, but I still like it.

Btw, my little rhyme was based on The Who's "Athena"


Daryl said...

Love that Katrina, love that blue, love that lacy sleeve top down. Can't wait to see the finished product, it is for you isnt it? Any the only ones who could possibly look askance at your re-interpretation of popular song are those too benighted to be able to do it themselves. Our Medical School class play every year is almost entirely based on re-invention of songs with a very loose plot. My favorites were If I could Talk to the Bacteria, and "I want my Derm MD". Daryl