Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Workday Wednesday-GWB's low approval rating and why it doesn't matter-

So sorry, blogger is rejecting photos again, so you get Bitchfest Wednesday instead.
-George's approval rating is 44%, up from a record low of 39%.
-Venezulan President Chavez stood in front of the UN calling GWB the devil.
I don't think this is worthy of a single line of newspaper space.
-We have TERM LIMITS, people!
-And the UN needs to pay their rent.


Vamanta said...

LOL! I think the UN needs a new home myself, on another continent. Did I mention one of my sibs did GW's hair & make up when he was Gov? I got a personally autographed photo of the Gov for a birthday present one year. I had no problem uploading to Blogger today. Wassup?

junior_goddess said...

I think it's Beta Test day, because it's been dorked all day! I had a chance to see him, I wish I'd gone. Some of my guys got to go to the Inaugral festivities here, because they were campaign workers.


benne said...

This pisses me off. The whole UN is a mess, not to mention South American dictators/Iranian - pick a country - military states/repressive regimes. I say move the UN off our soil if they don't pay their rent.

Vamanta said...

My sister was invited to the first inaugural and had a blast. She had the chance to go to D.C. to work for him but decided to stay in Austin. Al Gore stopped cold outside one of the debates to give Sis (he didn't know she was with W) a "well, helloooooo there" & struck up a conversation with her in the parking lot. LOL. It threw his people & W's into a frenzy.

Suzann said...

I think GWB had better pay attention to his wife. She seems to be spending a lot of time with Big Bill Clinton ;-) Now I wonder if an xpresident has ever run off with a former first lady :P
I use to work near the UN and sometimes we would walk over to the UN Plaza and eat our humble lunches. You would spend the time fending off aging guys in big black cars. :rolleyes:

junior_goddess said...

HAHAHAHA! Suzann, I don't know that Laura is the right age for Bill! :-0

(Honestly, I had NO IDEA the world worked that way when I was young enough to attract an old guy with a black car! How naive of me!)