Monday, September 25, 2006


These make me crabby because I don't always type the right thing. And I get to repeat the gobbledygook typing exercise. Sometimes I get it wrong because of glare on the screen. Sometimes it's because of an odd font, a weird color, a really groovy ripple, or a really spotty background texture. Or I fat-finger in the text. Sometimes, it's because I am in the bifocal club, and I think that adds to my annoyance.

But surely it can't be just my eyesight. I pass the eyecharts at the doc's, the Air Force checked to make certain I could tell the difference between fuchsia and avocado, and they let me keep my license down at the driver's bureau. I think that sometimes, they are just tough to read.

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jayne said...

You've said it! I do all the things you've described on those, but my favorite mistake seems to be seeing words in the jumble and typing in an extra letter. Even when I squint at it, and try to compare what I've typed to what's there, I seem to get it wrong at least a third of the time. And I get the most outrageous words too! mojosteakfries, and wickedwahinni, and bozojujufish, and the like. FRACK!

Yours, btw, is giving me lazywigzook...ACK!! I managed to screw it up again. Just this second. I don't believe it!