Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thank goodness SOMEONE'S organized around here!

Here are pictures of my recent adventures, courtesy of Bri. Along with her methodical trip planning, she also remembered to bring her camera! MY photos are still in a Kodak disposable .... they may get processed ... soon .

Bri was quick to take a picture of the TKGA entrance....I think she called it "Mecca". It was her first "event" and I think she had a pretty good time. She had a better time talking ME into skipping the second half of my less than interesting class.

Here's Bri and Daryl-Daryl made a special effort to pimp Enid's stitch markers, and is proudly wearing hers. What a champ-Daryl has on a Tahki pattern that whipped my butt in 2003-I never could get that lace to work right!

We had a FUN unofficial prezzie swap. I got earrings, lipgloss, cocoa, coffee, an eyeglass "thingie" that Daryl made for me, and assorted other goodies. I schlepped up a lot of stuff-I carefully presented Bri with her official "really old yarn" from the it turns out, both Benne and I bought Schachenmayr Femia-I used mine in 1986, Benne shared some of hers with me last year. THEN, Daryl and T BOTH 'fessed up to owning some too! So now we're all like some brainless bunch of mall-girls, with matching yarn! "KEWWWL!"

One thing I REMEMBERED to pack was T's birthday yarn-2 skeins of CTH Melange in African Grey. Here she is packing yarn bandoliers. She looks pretty tough, huh?

All in all, I had a really good time. Here I am helping T get into her Vogue pose. I found a camisole to wear under my Soleil so I didn't strike anyone blind, and I have my cutie pink flops on.

Next time, the show will have to be a LOT bigger to eclipse an Elannite meeting!


Bri McStan said...

I am so happy that you posted my pics. I only had a few minutes of blog writing and reading time this morning and definitely wouldn't have given it the quality time you did.

Daryl said...

Thank you Bets, but you should try that Tahki pattern again. It didn't make sense to me either the first time I tried it, it is written for those right handed knitters. But the second time I did it (blue Connemara)it was easy. Now that you have mastered Kiri and Soleil you can probably translate k2tog, to slK1psso in your sleep. Daryl

junior_goddess said...


Daryl, I struggled so badly with that pattern, I left a message at Tahki for the designer (was it Rosemary Drysdale or the Russian lady?) because I thought there had to be an error. Glad to know that I wasn't the only eeejit. Now, I look at that pattern and think-gee,the neckline is too high (it's a fine line) because even the rail thin model looks a little chubby. I can't get away with that, so I'll have to modify it.


Daryl said...

Bets, you are right, the neckline is a little high, and the armholes a little deep, but now that you are a tank goddess and know what size side seam you want, and how high you want the armholes to be it wouldn't be tough to measure your Soleil, block out the measurements, and use those for the other tank. I'm sort of doing that for the soleil based on my results from the Tahki top. Daryl

junior_goddess said...

It's rough being a competent knitter, isn't it? I gotta get busy and light a fire under my knitting butt, because I have a long "I want to" list. I think it's almost time for Fall and Winter knitting (which means a 3/4 length sleeve here!)