Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Be careful who you hang out with.....

Remember when your parents used to say stuff like that? Man, were they ever right. It doesn't matter whether you stay in the same town, or in the same profession, the people from your past pop up at odd moments.

Take for example, Lisa, who popped into town with her boyfriend this weekend. Lisa was my roommate when I FIRST went into the service. We used to be party pals, but both of us had stupid boyfriend angst which preoccupied us, and probably prevented us from being REALLY close friends. I haven't seen her for 21 years. We trusted each other-I never went for her boyfriend, she never went for mine. We tended to borrow tops, but pants and shoes didn't fit. We share a past of photos and parties. I could have made a MINT selling her prescription drugs out of our refrigerator, but it never crossed my mind to do so.

I remember meeting her soon-to-be ex; I didn't like him then, and I guess my first impression was right. Now that her kids are older, and she's taken an objective look, she's kicking him to the curb. I've been her sounding board for a few things. She's resumed contact with a guy she met years ago, and when he came to see her, they came out to see me.

Friends who know your core-who remember when you wore a 5, but won't crack on your size 12 now, those are people to keep tabs on. On some weird level, we developed trust early, that trust is what brings us back together so many years later.

And it's funny-some things are EXACTLY the same about her. I like him just fine, but the prospect of her leaving her job and moving to another country to be with him brings oddball questions to mind. Things like "Gee, you'll feel isolated, even if they do speak English" cross my mind; I know it takes a good six months to settle in. He's a nice guy, but travels a lot for work, and that would be hard on her. And can the Queen of Inappropriate Designer Footwear actually make it in a land of ice, snow, and subways? Will she be happy if she doesn't work; what requirements will she need to fill if she wants to work there?

These are things I have no input on, but I can see this train roaring toward the station. The move isn't imminent, but if/when it comes, I know these things will rear their ugly heads. Gee, I'd love to have a place to crash in the UK, so my ulterior motives aren't exactly snowy pure. Guess I'll sit here, waiting to hear about them, fingers on the keyboard, ready to order insulated boots and Covergirl Outlast.


Sandra D said...

Hope things work out for your friend! I *guess* that is a benefit of getting older we can anticpate all the bumps in the road ahead, but I can also see the high points too for your friend that are especially appealing to me: a complete change in environment at a time of life when one is supposed to be settled down in one's niche (can be boring!)

Bri McStan said...

How exciting. I love "reconnecting" and when folks pop up. The girl who taught me about Marlboro reds in high school popped up at UF my 2nd year. We loved the same resturants and such but really respected each others' new selves. It was awesome to have a familiar face yet still have her be someone I'm getting to know all over again. She eloped last summer with a nutty guy and is expecting early next year. I can see trouble down the road but she's great and will handle it in her own hippy way. You'll always have a friendly face in the UK and that's never a bad thing, right?!

Anonymous said...

Ha...just jealous that I have a pair of green hunter Wellys waiting for me in England
The Queen