Tuesday, July 11, 2006

48 hours to Philly

Holy crap, I'm on the plane to Philly in 48 hours. I am working straight thru, I'm not packed, my homework's not done. THAT might get done on the plane.

I've had a bit of a wardrobe crisis--Bri's been on me about wearing Soleil. After determining that yes, I probably can wear it if I flip it around, I had a footwear crisis. I made Soleil for DD, and I know she wears brown. I personally would rather eat garbage than wear brown (or yellow, or orange). Which sounds weird, but it's actually simple. People who don't wear brown don't wear brown shoes.

Which left me no shoe options to wear with Soleil.

After a lot of debate, and trips to three different stores, I happened upon these lil' babies, which go well with my holographic silver pedicure. Ahhh! That's nice!

Sunday, I started Lavinia using Katia Idea Jeans Mix, which I happened to buy in PINK. (See, it's all good.) Remind me not to buy cotton ribbon anymore...I am sporting a bandaid on my index finger-there's something about the way I knit ribbons that just put my finger thru hell. Will I get it done in time to wear it? Stay tuned for the next post!!!


Bri McStan said...

I love what you've started and the Philly pedi/flip flop combo. You are almost ready. I too work straight through but got into a good travel groove with all the b-ball this spring and have it down to a science. Plus, Charles is home so he's been ticking things off the lists.

I almost started a little somethin' somethin' to wear in Philly last night but I couldn't finish it in time. Even now, I'm toying with something in the round, easy to knit, and rethinking it. Seeing yours has me in a knot all over again!

Daryl said...

What is this pink? Inquiring minds want to know. Do I have to wait until Friday? Daryl

junior_goddess said...

It's Katia Idea Jeans Mix in Strawberry something or other, for the Lavinia, Daryl.