Thursday, July 27, 2006

I've been tagged!

Enid tagged me for a meme this morning! Uh-oh---

5 things always in my purse (OH, SOOOO unglamourous)
Girl gear (you know the drill-can't have an emergency)
Cigarettes, lighter, a pile of change

5 things always in my wallet
Military ID, Driver's license
misc. credit cards/ATM, pile of receipts
assorted discount/customer appreciation cards

5 things always in my fridge
Salad dressing, Brown sugar, frozen veggies , soy sauce, paste food coloring

5 things always in my closet
Shoes, Clothes (in assorted sizes)
Barbie Dolls, Yarn, Extra purses

5 things always in my car
Insurance card, Rainex , wipes or paper towels of some form
a bunch of trash I need to ditch, a pile of change

5 things always on my desk- I don't have a desk right now!

5 people I'm tagging-
And ummmmmm-I can't think of number FIVE. Oh, no, I suck again!

1 comment:

enid said...

Heh! I just realized I didn't put down five people either. :D

I like the picture of all your loose change that's pretty accurate huh.