Thursday, July 20, 2006

I wanna knit this sweater TODAY!

I'm suffering from a wild hair. I had to go in extra early because Mark is hosting a conference, so I dashed around looking for a project that was easy, yet absorbing. Finally, I hit upon my Sublime Mohair top (SR Kertzer). This is an easy top, only needs 5 balls of yarn in a color I was born to wear -HEY- how MUCH can I get done today? (Ok, maybe I am hyper-competitive). So here we are at 0730-

I'd knit a little, goofed around, worked, then at 10:30 I found THIS ... CRAP-I don't have a crochet hook at the shop. You should have seen me dropping stitches and latching them back up with a PAPER CLIP!

Now that reality has set in, I will probably get the BACK done today without too much trouble really depends on how busy I get.

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