Monday, July 17, 2006

Give me back my lighter; I wanna go hang out with my friends!

HA! Just rolled in to work after the whirlwind TKGA experience. I think I'm gonna be drinking a LOT of coffee today.

I'm really unenthusiastic about air travel these days, there's no joy in it, and I have to remember matches. But everytime I go to the airport, and I see the kids in uniform, I am ever so grateful that the machine still works. I was in Philly, checking my bags at the curb when a young Army private came up with her mama. "Is that your sister?" asked the porter. "Baby, you right on time!" she grinned right back at him. No tears, mom.

It's pretty easy to get lost in Philly. Fortunately, I arrived at rush hour, which gives you plenty of time to look at the scenery, and check out the map while you are stuck in traffic. I think it's harder to navigate an area that's built around old farm roads. Kinda like a "you had to be there" joke, only you get lost instead of missing the punchline.

The TKGA shopping area was small, but I REALLY liked the fact that the crocheters and knitters got together-I got a good perspective of what both groups are going for. There's more diversity, too, and that pleases me a lot. I really loved my "lovely goodie bag" -actually, there were two, but I sent one with Bri, so her nieces could have some yarn booty. I kept one, I see a lot of fun potential. I had to stop at Interlacements and be a yarn pig (she has such GREAT specials), and also at Woolbearers , where the colorways were a little different, and right up my alley. I also picked up yarn to make the Evelyn Clark project in next month's IWK.

I made it a point to stop by Brooks Farm, because my yarn buds rave so much about their yarn. The fella running the register noticed Texas on my name tag, and said "We can't give our stuff away in Texas" (they have no brick and mortar storefront here.) So we bantered back and forth a little, but I suggested a garage sale (they have no garage) or a "show barn" sale-I'd drive the 300 miles for a chance to shop them once a year. So if you are in Texas and shop their site, drop a little note with your order. Maybe we can make it happen.

The BEST part of my trip was seeing my friends.

First, I was totally surprised to see Yvette, from San Antonio. I happened to run into her on the show floor, and she had the most exciting news-she is now published in a Rita Weiss book. RITA WEISS! Dang, you go girl! Gotta find a copy of the book, so she can sign her work!

The crowning touch was the Elannite meet-up. Wow-all my friends have faces and voices. I've been talking to them for quite a while-T, Daryl and Bri-and it was so nice to see how they ARE. We went to Asher's chocolates, the show, and dinner on Friday, and T and I headed to Daryl's on Saturday for lunch.

Not only does Daryl have the most GORGEOUS children, her house is pretty neat too, with a lot of turn of the century details. She has a stash that resembles mine, and a cat with checkerboard spots on her back. Daryl reminds me of women from Colorado-beautiful in a real way, without artifice.

Bri is so funny-she's the baby of the bunch, and ready to lead us doddering old farts around. She gave us a KOP Mall run-down (that place is worth visiting), regaling us with stories of people who used to steal from THAT store, and generally playing tour guide. She's a stitch. I also got to meet Charles, who's a cool guy, and a really good sport to hang with his wife's knitting buddies.

T-OMG, T brought me earrings from Tim, and shiny pink flip flops. It's really weird MEETING someone I've talked to since 2003. She's smart and funny, and MAN is her Weight Watchers program working.

This post is already so long, your head is probably slamming down on the keyboard, and there's a puddle of drool by your mouse.....I'll pick this subject up again later in the week.


Daryl said...

Hey Bets, we already miss you. I love your analogy of old road to the you had to have been there jokes. Brad agrees that Checkers would have been a better name for Snookums, but how much identity trauma can you dump on one cat. Hard enough for her to adjust once we got kittens. You didn't get a chance to meet them, sacked out in their exhaustion, but they are four years old and she still hates them. Thank you again for the stitch marker pin (gorgeous work Enid) and the scarf. In those I do feel cute. Daryl

Bri McStan said...

I had a great, great, wonderful day with you on Friday. I wish it could've spilled over into the weekend. But, the best thing is I'm left wanting more. Next time, I'm thinking we come to SA, and you are the tour guide!!

OK, off to teach the youth and get back to "life". We'll be off to TX in 48 hrs. If we get thirsty, I'll give you a ring.


Anonymous said...

Pictures!!! where are they for those of us who could't go.