Friday, May 02, 2008

What the hell is WRONG with people??

I shop by mail a lot. So often, in fact, that if there is a way to get it wrong, someone will do it on my order. Do you remember these little darlings? I ordered them earlier in the month. Let's just say I cancelled a very large order from because of their blind inability to process and ship an order. I've reordered them from here. Wish me luck.

In the same vein, I ordered some clothing from Land's End for an upcoming trip to Phoenix. It's an everything zen trip, where I get to go to my older brother's wedding. Eye rolling all over the place. He's 50 and his fiance is pregnant. It's wife number THREE. They are registered at a 'buy us a honeymoon' type place. They wanna go to the US Virgin Islands. Now, that kind of trip is fine for some people, but I distinctly remember my dad scooping him outta bed during 'dark time' so they could go catch a flight with the famous Flying Tigers. I think that trip idea is utterly boring, and not worthy of a kid who practically grew up at O'Hare. But I still need to look 'recenta' in the land of "Damn, it's hot."

Now, Land's End is know for conservative clothing. I ordered a few skorts, thinking, well, that model is probably 5'10", I'm 5'4", the length will be fine. I was wrong. They were chach monster skorts. Wax skorts. Seriously, I tried one on and thought-'I can't go to the grocery in this!!! I'll put someone's eye out!' Picture a pair of running shorts. THAT's how long they weren't.

The order that came in properly? Sequined Nanette Lepore Keds. 70% off. Now we're talking.


Ghislaine said...

I love your taste in shoes! Those sequined Keds look great.

smariek said...

At least you get to place your orders online. Remember the days of flipping through a paper catalog and filling out a paper order form, addressing an envelope and slapping postage on it before dropping it into a mailbox???

Maybe you should try LL Bean for conservative clothing...

Someday you'll receive your shoes. Probably after you've forgotten all about them.

junior_goddess said...

No Marie, that wasn't it. I figured Land's End would make a skort that was longer than 14". I swear to God, that inseam was shorter than 3", and the skirt was 1/2" longer. These would be right for TENNIS. Notice how Fido's head kind of blocks the shot. That's for good reason.