Saturday, April 26, 2008

The audacity of hope

and stuff. Barack Obama has a book out with that title. That's not what I am referring to.

I went to a baby shower today. Little Nicholas' due date is any day now. I started a pumpkin hat for his mama, because Chris absolutely LOVES Halloween. I finished it and took it by her job a few days after Valentines' Day. I was absolutely shocked when I found out she'd already HAD him. He weighed one and a half pounds at about 25 weeks.

It hit me last week when I was browsing little onesies, looking for a gift. Such an optimist. Buying size 9-12 month clothing for a child who weighs less than my purse .... THAT is audacious hope, pal. Women do it all the time.

Speaking of hope, I got my Suede in this week. Couldn't stand walking by it, and finally I sat down with it. It was the center piece of one of those tops that starts as a circle, then morphs out into a real top. Gauge-wise, it wasn't QUITE gonna work. Then the amazing gassy dog laid on it and pushed a few stitches off the circs. Pthb! went the dog. Zip zip zip, out went the needles.

Those patterns are usually written as 'One size' and too bad if it ain't YOUR size. I don't really think Suede wanted to BE that circle top, but at least now I understand HOW it works, and have a good idea of the color layout. The top that it REALLY wants to be is trapped in my head.


Grace Yaskovic said...

the baby sounds like a real fighter, I love your yarn color combimation

smariek said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this circle top, so I hope you find the right yarn for it soon.

Cindy G said...

Love the colors, too.
I'll be holding a good thought for the little fellow.

Anonymous said...

I know it's just a doily, or some circular thing, but that blue spiral is giving me convulsions. I'm not kidding, I am seeing swirls. It's pretty, but it keeps going. Look at the picture, and then look away. See?

Sweet little baby. Will the pumpkin hat fit by Halloween?