Sunday, April 13, 2008

Warren Jeffs is in prison

I've been following the FLDS situation in the southwestern part of the country for a number of years now. They are an interesting study in mind control and social engineering. I was sympathetic to the 'lost boys' who were banished for minor infractions, culling the herd of superfluous males. I shook my head over men who would marry women and their daughters, and I did not understand how a household like that could benefit all members.

I was happy when they caught and imprisoned Warren Jeffs. Hopefully, the correctional system will correct him. I have every confidence he will be someone's girlfriend, and I believe justice will be served.

I get a lot of junk mail from people I know. Bill Gates STILL wants to give me 500.00 for forwarding email, Victoria's Secret is still checking its mailing list and wants to send everyone a gift certificate (I am a shareholder, and that would PISS me off), and oh, and that kid in Ohio with apageal cirrhosis of the appendix needs a postcard for his hugemongous collection. Yeah, whatever. I am readily able to discredit most urban legends in five minutes flat.

Most of the mail I get from casual aquaintances is stuff to blow off. Except this, which I got from Fran the Rancher's Wife. Texas, once you actually stop and look around, is actually pretty small. Both Mark and I lived in San Angelo (near Eldorado Texas) for a while, and Eldorado Texas was a location of a little military significance. And I believe there is probably more fact than fiction in this email:

Subject: Eldorado FLDS situation

Dear Friends & Family:

Just needed to ask your prayers for the situation with the women & children taken from the FLDS compound north of Eldorado. This is so much bigger than any of us ever dreamed it would be. Please pray that some of the girls would be willing to step forward and tell the truth. They are scared to death as they have been indoctrinated to believe we are all evil. At the moment, we must surely look that way to them.

Please pray specifically for the Child Protective Services workers that they will have a positive affect on the women and girls. They are under such strain. Our high school athletic director's wife is employed by them in San Angelo and I am specifically praying for her as her heart has been so burdened for them before all this took place. Pray for strength for all of them to endure the days ahead.

The 5 people from our church that tried to feed the group at the Fellowship Hall and take care of all the donated food,etc. were emotionally & physically worn out due to the girls being scared, reclusive, unable to eat due to our food not being natural food. They even refused chicken noodle soup. They were throwing up and some had diarrhea, etc. They asked for raw milk which we were not able to supply, but our group did get fruits, vegetables, yogurt, dried fruits, etc. They finally ate some grilled chicken. In other words, it was a wreck trying to figure out what to do with them.

Of course the CPS people were there and law enforcement outside to keep the media and church people away. The fellowship hall was full and we only had the men's & women's restrooms for them. They finally agreed to be bused over to the gym at the school to shower.

Most were young teenage girls, but some of their mothers came with them. We heard that there were some very young who apparently were pregnant. I cannot imagine how they all must feel right now, but we have all prayed God would help us to find a way to get into the compound and get the children out if they would come. He answered and now it is in His hands to help the State complete the task ahead. It can be accomplished, but I believe only through His intervention. Please also pray for all the local & government officials still at the compound as they continue to search for evidence. Our local bunch must surely be tired. I thank each of you for your prayers.

(name withheld)


Evelyn said...

Thank you Bets for passing this information on to the public. It needed to be heard. Most of us can't possibly know what these poor girls are going through. It must be awful. They are so frightened, and not much more than children themselves, some of whom are now facing motherhood. They are scarred for life. They certainly need our prayers.

Cindy G said...

Watching this unfold I don't know whether I'm more sad or angry. I alternate between them. But, yeah, I'm hoping Warren Jeffs is getting a warm welcome.

I am grateful that the state of Texas looks to be making an all out effort to get those kids out, and to treat them with care. It has got to be absolutely overwhelming for the social service system and its workers.

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